Comics We Love: Love and Capes!



I’ve gone on and on about Thom Zahler’s Love and Capes quite a bit recently–and next Monday on War Rocket Ajax, it’ll be Euge’s turn–but today on ComicsAlliance, I make it the focus of the first installment of a new series on Comics We Love!

The article says pretty much everything, but the short version is that it’s really good and you–yes you oughtta read it, so if you like what I say about it, ask your local store, grab it from Amazon, or head over to Zahler’s site where you can get neat stuff like signed bookplates for a little extra.

It is well worth it. And now I’ll shut up about it. Well, at least ’til the Honeymoon issue comes out on FCBD. Then it will be on, son.

8 thoughts on “Comics We Love: Love and Capes!

  1. I really love the architecture. Kind of a minor thing to point out, but I’ve always had a weakness for that 50s Art-Neuveaux type thing.

  2. Oh yeah, I meant to mention that in the list of “little things” I like about it. Deco City with its Art Deco buildings, Chronopolis with its hundreds of clock towers for brooding. It’s good stuff.

  3. Data point: After your review of the LNC wedding issue, I ordered the Vol. 1 TPB from Amazon.

    Showed up Tuesday; read the entire thing that evening; pre-ordered Vol. 2 before going to bed.


  4. Ordered this already based on the love spoken of it in the past. Definitely a work with a lot of care and genuine affection behind it.

    You planning on putting this series out regularly, Sims? Looking forward to as many recommendations as you can chuck in our general direction.

  5. In addition to being an awesome series, I can personally testify that Thom Zahler is a genuinely cool human being. I bought something through his website, but the order got fouled up somehow. When I e-mailed to ask about it, Zahler made amends by sending the book pronto, along with all 3 TPBs of his earlier comic “Raider” gratis.

    He’s kind of like Matt Wagner, in that I’d sing his praises even if he was a jerk in real life, but the fact that he’s such a mensch makes it even easier to support the work.

  6. Just started reading this now. And I’ve had a big dopey grin on my face since page 1. It is simply awesome and no-one who loves comics, particularly – but not limited solely to – superhero fare, should be without it. This is fun and so much heart.