ComicsAlliance: Dr. Doom’s Christmas Letter



Today at ComicsAlliance, Dr. Doom sends holiday wishes to his subjects:


With Doomsgiving behind us, It is once again the Holiday season! The tree has been decorated with the treasures of the pirate Blackbeard, the goblets are full of delicous Doomnog, and as we approach this year’s mandatory two-hour Christmas celebration (increased from last year’s 90 minutes, for is not Doom a generous ruler?), Doom would like to take a look back and share some of this year’s treasured memories with you, his adoring countrymen.


Fashion, robots, and stand-up comedy. Truly, there is something for everyone.

9 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance: Dr. Doom’s Christmas Letter

  1. Even I know what winkles are and I’m a moron. The strangest thing is that he knows that Norse gods like to eat winkles but has no idea what they are. Also, no-one can possibly like winkles, but I imagine they might eat a few seeing as Doom had to go out especially to buy them.

  2. Straczynski, you monster…as if Norman Osborn shtupping Gwen Stacy wasn’t enough, now you have Doom using Wiki! Is nothing sacred to you?!

    Nice save with the old Doombot angle, Chris. If I had a No-Prize, I would give it to you.

  3. “That panel was a shop right? Nobody actually wrote a line wear Dr. Doom uses Wikipedia in a comic right? C’mon what did the panel originally say?”

    Originally he was going to quote from Encyclopaedia Dramatica, but Quesada overruled JMS on that idea.

  4. Doom invented Wikipedia as part of a complex plan to subjugate the masses who wish to learn random crap. It was originally supposed to be called DOOMipedia, but he felt that would ruin the stealth aspect of the endeavor.

  5. The VVDU Fighting Doombots — boy, that brings back memories.

    Remember when they played Alabama, 6-7 year ago? Crimson Tide went from a team name to literal color commentary.

  6. PS Remember, don’t let the Doomnog sit out for over an hour.

    After that time, it still has a kick and its trademark spicy, bacon-like aftertaste; but the post-Doomnog flatulence is significantly increased.