ComicsAlliance Imagines the Worst Possible Sequels



With the completely fabricated rumors about a possible sequel to Watchmen floating in from the sinister corners of the comics internet, your friends at ComicsAlliance have taken a look at the worst possible comic book sequels we could imagine!

This one was a team effort, but I claim El Hijo de Rorschach and F.A.W.K.E.S. as my own. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance Imagines the Worst Possible Sequels

  1. Is it wrong to think that that Watchmen 2 pitch sounds pretty interesting. I’d buy it. (Can DC get Geoff Johns to write it?)

  2. Goddamn you for putting Guy Fawkes’ mask on Witchblade’s body. That image, that horrible smile and those scabby D-Cups, will haunt me ’til the End of Days.

    I suppose that’s just what you do, though. That’s just. What. You. Do.


  3. Heh. I called the DK2 appearance as soon as I saw the headline. Well played, Sims.

    Also, I really want to read an El Hijo del Rorschach series. I’d even settle for El Hijo del Pregunta on Earth 4. >_>

  4. I ‘liked’ DKSA, but on a meta-level that only Dr. Manhattan could really appreciate. On any sort of ‘human’ level, it was terrible.