ComicsAlliance Presents The World’s Greatest Internatonal Bootleg Super-Heroes!



Today at ComicsAlliance, Laura Hudson and I have traveled the world through the magic of YouTube to bring you the world’s greatest international bootleg super-heroes, from the unlicensed, line-dancing Bollywood Superman to the fully legal and completely radical Japanese Live-Action Spider-Man!

The one that stuck out to me, though, was the one above: Mexican Batwoman.

I’ve kept it rather quiet over the years, but I’m actually something of a big fan of Batman. I’d even go so far as to say he’s probably my favorite character not just in comics, but in anything, but even I have to admit that the fact that he is not a foxy lady luchador with an equally foxy sidekick named Esmerelda who fights crime in an outfit consisting of cape, cowl and bikini is proof that we are not living in the best of all possible worlds.

11 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance Presents The World’s Greatest Internatonal Bootleg Super-Heroes!

  1. I think the superhero dance movie has been severely underutilized.

    Not to mention that this comes decades too late. Fred Astaire would have made a wonderful Gentleman Ghost.

  2. The best part about Japanese Spider-Man was that, apparently, Spider-Man getting into a giant robot to beat up monsters was a relatively new thing that influenced a lot of the other “tokusatsu” productions afterwards.

    Which means that Toei weren’t just bowing to convention. Someone behind the scenes actually said “Spider-Man needs a giant leopard robot that he can get in to fight monsters.” And everyone agreed that this was brilliant.

    It also means that Spider-Man is indirectly responsible for Voltron.

  3. Mr. Sims, I must take issue with your description of Japanese Spider-Man. The transformation bracelet does not come from Takuya’s father, but rather from an 700-year old alien from Planet Spider who fled (via the aforementioned giant robot/spaceship) Professor Monster, a fellow alien. Takuya does, however, swear vengeance over the loss of his father and the alien guy (who is reincarnated as a talking ninja spider).

    Also, the Japanese Spider-Man customarily introduces himself as the Emissary from Hell, and if you don’t think that’s HOT TO DEATH, we’re gonna have a problem.

  4. I love how after Indian Superman saves the couple from their assailants, the couple comes over to thank him… and then he starts dancing again. And then the couple smiles, waves, and quickly backs away.

    Man: Thank you so much for saving us, Superman!
    Superman: *dancing*
    Man: Uh, what are you–?
    Woman: Shh! Don’t make eye contact.
    Man: Let’s get the hell out of here.

  5. Spider-Man wasn’t just an early used of the fight the monster, monster grows, fight monster in giant robot formula, it INVENTED it. Hekc, Toei’s Super Sentai series (which is used for Power Rangers) predates Spider-Man, but didn’t have giant robots until after Toei was finished with Spider-Man.

  6. The Italian Spider-Man a “d-bag”?!?!?

    Let’s see you make chicken lay a pack of cigarettes!