ComicsAlliance: The Fairy-Tale Face-Off of Fables vs. Disney!

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Today at the ComicsAlliance, I’ve once again taken on the thankless task of studying the interpretation and popularity of different fictional archetypes, with attention to how they’re presented for different audiences and how bowdlerized versions can act as cultural signifiers for later interpretations that simultaneously build on their immediate predecessors while straining to restore the original undertones.

Which is a fancy way of saying that I was all like “Hey, who’d win in a fight between the cast of Fables and their Disney movie counterparts?

Sadly, I didn’t get around to including Pinocchio in the article proper–as everything you need to know about their differences can be pretty much summed up in the image above–but it did give me a chance to bring up Prince Charming’s two rules for dating and the sheer insanity that was the Disney Afternoon. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance: The Fairy-Tale Face-Off of Fables vs. Disney!

  1. The Disney Afternoon was one of the greatest parts of my childhood. Especially “DuckTales” and “Darkwing Duck”.

  2. I swear, someday im going to use Bigby’s wedding vows as part of my own. what a great comic.

  3. I liked TaleSpin at the time, but I love it now. Not only is the Jungle Book concept completely insane, but they have SKY PIRATES and an orphan kid who thinks it’s perfectly fine to strap some metal to his feet and hang out the back of an airplane. I couldn’t appreciate just how nuts this all really was when I was a child.

    Anyway, good article!

  4. You neglected to mention how TaleSpin cribs a lot of its back story from Tales of the Gold Monkey – only making it ten times more awesome in the process.

  5. From the article, Re: Prince Charming:

    “…and later as a genuine war hero who sacrificed his own in battle against the Fables’ mysterious adversary.”

    His own… Life? Bastard children? Penis?

    It’s like a quote from a Flashman story.

    (And how does Charming manage to get through X centuries of constant and frequent sex without offspring?)

  6. bookrats said:

    (And how does Charming manage to get through X centuries of constant and frequent sex without offspring?)

    Oh, he has offspring. I won’t say who, though (too spoilery).

    Great article but I would add another advantage to Bigby’s scorecard: he’s nailing Snow White.