ComicsAlliance: The Worst Description of Sex In Comics

Jamie Delano’s Rawbone–a four-issue tale based entirely around pirate rape–is not a very good comic book. It is, however, pretty notable, as it contains the worst description of sex in comics that I have ever seen:



And the kicker? That’s not the bad part. So head over to ComicsAlliance today to read the whole thing and see what happens when I apply the incredible metaphors for buccaneer lovin’ to other professions to see what it would look like if Delano wrote a comic about astronauts or comic shop employees. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance: The Worst Description of Sex In Comics

  1. Yet another of your varied skills I was unaware of, Chris.

    You are the renaissance man’s Renaissance Man.

  2. Scupper me poop deck with yer marlinspike me hearty! And I’ll man me bilge pumps o’delight till it’s four bells! Lay on every inch of sail the quartermast will carry, you salty dog, and chart a course for Plymouth-town!

    Now THAT’S how you write pirate erotica, Delano!

  3. “Show me on the me where you’re touching me” is one of the greatest things I’ve ever read.

  4. *singsong* SOMEone’s a pretender to Balent’s THROOOOOO-one.

    I fully expect “La Sirena, you have to get out of here! Your bilges arrrrrr haunted, yar!” was part of this dude’s ‘creative process’. It certainly takes ‘fanwank’ to a new place (once we discount DeviantArt).