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This week at ComicsAlliance, I’ve gathered up a list of Eleven Great Man-Crushes in comics!

Ostensibly, this one came about to coincide with the release of the Super Hero Team-Up paperback (which was originally solicited under the far less generic title Marvel Bromance), but really, it all comes down to the fact that I will never, ever get tired of that scene where Captain America calls country music “C.M.” Also: Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes hugging it out.

Still, though, I will say that the two-man buddy team is one of my favorite things about comics, whether it’s Power Man and Iron Fist or the greatest four-color bromance of them all:



So get over there and read, and if you’ve got a favorite pair, let ’em know!

36 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance: True Bromance

  1. Not to plug my podcast again, but we had a lengthy discussion in the last episode about “Marvel Bromance” and how disappointed we were at its altered name. However, Jordan D. White tells me the name got changed because Quesada feared the title would become dated too quickly. Which is understandable. But still disappointing.

  2. Oh good, if you hadn’t put Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in there, the greatest comics bromance of all time, that would have been epic fail. But you are NOT an epic fail-er, and thus they were there as expected. =)

    I’m putting in my vote for Jack Knight Starman and The Shade, tho, because calling it a bromance is easier than admitting that once you’ve put the Slash Goggles on they won’t come off OH GOD WHY WON’T THEY COME OFF.

  3. Little typo: the GL/GA road trip was in 1970, not 1976. By 1976 hippies, Richard Nixon, and Neal Adams had all pretty much disappeared from American life.

  4. Spider-Man & Wolverine seems like an odd choice when you could have gone with Spider-Man & Human Torch. I don’t know, I guess I’d say that Collosus or Nightcrawler fit more as Wolverine’s best bros…

    Then again the original pairing is probably just to make a joke about it…

  5. I always liked when Wolverine and Nightcrawler would hang out in Claremont’s run. I find it really sad that Greg Rucka’s one of the few (only?) people to reference it, because that was in a typically morose Rucka Wolverine story.

  6. It’s tricky because you don’t want to mention anyone twice. I think I’d personally go Thing/Torch, Spidey/DD, Wolverine/Nightcrawler, and a special lifetime brochievement award to Rick Jones.

  7. Spider-Man & Wolverine seems like an odd choice when you could have gone with Spider-Man & Human Torch.

    Yeah, gosh, I wonder why I would’ve gone with the pair that everyone didn’t expect. That was weird of me.

  8. Oh, good. I get to pre-empt the Quantum & Woody freaks by reminding them that the book was incredibly over-rated.

    I think my favorite comics bromances/man-crushes are Darwyn Cooke And Himself, Frank Miller and the ghost of Mickey Spillane, and Tony Stark and Jack Daniels. (zing!)

  9. Wow! I love the Mr. Fantastic and Thing. A really true and inspired choice, if you think about, and one long, long overdo to revisit in the actual books.

    You forgot my favorite of Marvel’s, which happens to be a villainous pair– Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy. Now those two define a bromance, villain-style!

  10. I actually don’t remember Spidey and Torch having as many tender moments as Spidey/Wolverine. Sure, they play pranks on each other and stuff, and we’ve gotten a lot of panels of Johnny calling Spidey to their meeting place and getting all anxious when it takes him awhile to show up, but Spidey and Logan have had real bromance.

    Also, I totally dig the Reed/Thing bromance, that was a central part of the recent Waid run and the high points of it there really tore my heart out, especially in the last issue of it, where Ben flat-out stops Reed from taking a figurative bullet for him.

  11. Wolverine is just more bromantic in general, wearin’ his little cowboy hats and everything.

    My vote: Superman and Jimmy-Jimmy!

    Also: does the triangle of Kirk, Bones and Spock count? …no? …ok.

  12. Spidey/Torch and Spidey/DD are both long-term BFF type relationships. But one is two knuckleheads who like to mess with each other while still being buds (which is also, essentially, Torch’s basic relationship with Thing) while the other is Funny Guy and Morose Guy bonding over similar experiences and enemies.

    I would argue that neither of those are quite the perfect complimentary friendship that creates a true bromance. Spidey and Wolverine are everything the other isn’t. Their great bond is forged not through being best friends, but through kind of hating each other and then growing to *understand* each other. Even if Spidey doesn’t quite get Logan as well as he might think. It’s this melding of opposites that takes it past simple friendship, or even BEST friendship, and makes it a true bromance.

    Okay, now that I’ve written two paragraphs of b.s. on the topic, any of the three would be fine but Spidey/Wolverine is both the most recent and the most interesting because of their differences. Plus, that story on Wolverine’s birthday was really really good.

  13. Yeah, Beetle and Booster for the best “bromance”. They both came into their careers as crimefighters trying to make up for a past mistake. For Booster, it was throwing college football games to save his mom’s life and, for Beetle, it was not bothering to insist that his uncle tell him what he was working on for him in his laboratory (which turned out to be indestructible robots).

    They’ve had their fights, but they always stick together in the end. None of the other DC friendships ever feel as strong as those two- not even Ralph and Barry.

    -Citizen Scribbler

  14. The three best buddies in comics? Frank Castle, Smith, and Wesson. B-boom, tish!

    But seriously, how about the Warriors Three? You tell me those guys aren’t “bros-before-hoes” in a can.

  15. I liked the article right until I got to the link at the bottom for a Rorschach case for your Iphone.

  16. Booster and Beetle have always been my favorite comic bromance. It’s rare for me to outright laugh out loud at a comic book, but those two cracked me up all the time.

    Also, my high school’s colors were blue and gold. Coincidence? totally. Awesome for me? You know it.

  17. kinda related but I was wondering if you heard of the Marvel answer to Brave and the Bold that is hitting the TV’s. Quite the impressive cast list has been announced including Batroc and Power Man/Iron Fist

  18. I can’t remember how many times I’ve cried fat nerd tears at the Alfred / Bruce Wayne bromance. The last two panels of LotDK #78, the finale to Scott Hampton’s “The Sleeping,” were especially powerful.

    Alfred’s been waiting by Bruce’s bedside for however long he’s been unconscious in the demon realm or wherever. Bruce finally wakes up, and Alfred has finally succumbed to exhaustion.

    “Rest, old friend. You need it more than I do, now,” says Bruce, putting his hand on Alfred’s knee. “I’ll still be here when you wake up.”


  19. Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy really should have made the list. They’re, like, top 5 bromance material. Probably #2 behind the Blue and the Gold.

  20. I didn’t keep up with the New Avengers after a bit, but didn’t Spider-man hate Wolverine again at one point when he thought Wolvie was putting the moves on MJ? And there was a training session where Parker snapped or something?

    Memory is vague, it was around that time that I stopped paying attention to most anything having to do with the New Avengers.

  21. Definitely Green Lantern/Green Arrow…according to G.A. the HoYay! factor is actually canon. :-p

  22. For my two cents, Charles Xavier & Magneto from Marvel (especially the whole “young men adventure in Israel with Gabrielle Whatshername and Baron Strucker”) and for DC, Hawkman & the Atom, who had no reason to team up except they shared the same book.

  23. One of my favourite bromances is Elric and his sidekick, Moonglum! There have been plenty of Elric comics, not to mention that bromance is a concept of all of Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion’s comics, but none of the Companions are in as much bro-love as Elric and Moonglum.

  24. Sigh, Eternal Champion novels, not comics. I really wish there was some way to correct comments – I find myself making stupid little errors like that all the time.

  25. “What book is that panel with Bruce and Alfred from? Looks like it could be a fun read.”

    The first issue of Morrison’s Batman, I think.

    Also: man I miss Cable and Deadpool.

  26. See, now, I wouldn’t put Alfred and Batman on that list. Alfred isn’t Batman’s bro, he’s Batman’s MOMMY. Different relationship entirely.