ComicsAlliance vs. The C-List Avengers



Today at ComicsAlliance, David Uzumeri and I are prepping for Avengers Prime with a look at some of the not-ready-for-Avengers-Prime Avengers, the C-Listers who form the bulk of the team.

It’s a pretty involved look that wanders around into a discussion of characters like Jarvis and Amadeus Cho, so hopefully you guys’ll like it when two dudes spend 5500 words basically coming to the conclusion that Dr. Druid is no darn good.

6 thoughts on “ComicsAlliance vs. The C-List Avengers

  1. Dr. Druid. Damn. I guess there’s a REASON why most prototypes get left on the cutting room floor, so to speak.

  2. I dont always read your comics alliance posts, but this one was goddamn hilarious.
    any chance of going back to the old-ish page style and just copypasting the articles? =P

  3. How’d you forget the Patriot, the black-suited, government-approved Captain America