19 thoughts on “Coming Soon to the ISB

  1. If apes are the new zombies, all I ask is that they remain so until you guys, Tom and myself are ridiculously fuckin’ rich. (And that our wealth isn’t shortly thereafter wiped out by an economic snafu that reduces all to hobo status, which I have a feeling is much less cool than it looks on TV.)

  2. Dude, if I were a Nobel Prize-winning author, I would blurb the shit out of this. In fact, just in case I get famous before the TPB comes out:

    It’s the Ape-X (apex) of gorilla assassin fiction! Move over King Kong, because Exterminape will f@(&ing shoot you!!

  3. This did inspire me to see if “My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer” was ever collected in a TB, and I’m happy to see it was. Truly one of the most insane comics I’ve ever read.

  4. Apes might be the new zombies, except unlike zombies, they have millions of years of AWESOME to back them up.

    I can’t wait to see this.

  5. So after years of talking smack about comics, we’ll get to see Chris put his monkey where his mouth is.

    …wait, let me try that again.

  6. Did you purchase the OMAC sketch by Les McClaine?

    No, but I wanted it as soon as I saw it. Maybe someone got it for me for Christmas!

    (I already have an OMAC riding Devil Dinosaur by Tom Scioli in my sketchbook, and unfortunately, McClaine seems to do the cheap commissions stuff only when I have a bunch of expenses pop up)

  7. I’m not telling you how to manage your work, here Sims, but if I don’t get to write a short back-up story, I will lock myself in my room forever.

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