21 thoughts on “Conan’s Hosting Gig on the Tonight Show Did Not Go Very Well

  1. I’m just glad I’m not the only one that couldn’t resist these sort of jokes.

  2. this kind of stuff’s happening on tv all the time and they’re trying to make wolverine rated r for smoking…

  3. “I’ll…*gasp*…be at…The Funny Farm…*gnngh!*…all…next… WEEK!…*urrgh!*”

  4. Dammit. I just did the same gag on my Twitter and even googled “The Tonight Show with Conan the Barbarian” to make sure I was the only one who thought of it.

    (http://twitter.com/AaronJRushton, for them of you what wants to see my version of this joke.)

  5. O’Brian had the “Walker Texas Ranger” lever; the Cimmarean has the “spiked nearly bottomless pit with snakes” lever.
    Also, in a perfect world, his band is Amon Amarth.

    …..NO! Wait! His band is DETHKLOK!
    YES! God yes, make it so!

  6. I have a feeling Conan’s audience will laugh just as heartily at ‘For Me to Poop On’ jokes.

  7. The only thing I would watch more than this would be “America’s Most Wanted”, guest hosted by Frank Castle.

  8. Damn, man, I got Conan #100 the other day: I knew Belit was gonna die; hell, I don’t think I’d even read a Conan where she was alive, and it still got me.

  9. Panzer, after his various experiences with the Vanirmen, I seriously doubt that Amon Amarth would be his band of choice. I’m just sayin’..

  10. I hope that’s shopped and not just written by Joss Whedon. Goddamn cultural references are in everything now.

  11. Conan’s talk show is just like Barry Gibb’s albeit without the spontaneous bursts into song.

    Plus, the man really needs a sidekick to laugh at his opening monologues from off-camera.

  12. His sidekick and announcer is Crom, who only laughs when he fails to answer the Riddle of Steel. It’s sort of a running gag.