Deadpool #888 Drops Today, Featuring the War Rocket Ajax Crew!



Deadpool Team-Up #888 hits the stands today with a story about the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing stepping into the wrestling ring to battle an alien courtesy of Cullen Bunn and Tom Fowler, and if you grab the issue — and you should — you may notice a few familiar faces in the background. Or, since we’re mostly known for text and audio, you probably won’t.

Point is, Euge and I are in the crowd! He’s on the left with his official Adam WarRock Fade, while I’m on the right, unshaven, shouting, and about to spill my drink, which is pretty much my default state. This marks my second appearance in a Marvel book (look closely in the backgrounds of Captain America #28 and you’ll catch a SHIELD agent reading the ISB) and my third overall (the second being in The Batman Strikes alongside Rachelle Goguen and other comics bloggers), and I’m pretty sure that means that if I get one more, they are legally required to put me in the Handbook.

It’s only a matter of time before the fact that I have the strength of a normal man who engages in infrequent light exercise before getting bored with it and going to play video games is enshrined in the Hallowed Halls of the House of Ideas.

11 thoughts on “Deadpool #888 Drops Today, Featuring the War Rocket Ajax Crew!

  1. To be honest, when you said you were in the picture, I thought you were the guy in the foreground.

  2. I think we need photos of you two striking the poses from the comic to prove authenticity. I’m having a tough time seeing it, only really being familiar with your photo from CA and Heavy at the end of articles.

  3. So in that panel after Thing tears his shirt off, what is it you’re staring at, exactly? You seem more freaked out than marked out.

  4. Congratulations!

    I was actually tremendously disappointed with the story, since Cullen Bunn’s short in Deadpool #1000 is one of my favorite stories of the year, it was a textbook case of overdoing it, when it should have been a can’t miss premise. Everyone’s speech read like it was written by the Ultimate Warrior, and he’s no good without a straight man.

    Still, any comic that features Deadpool paying tribute to Roddy Piper, even just for a few panels, is one for the ages.

  5. Awesome! Next thing youll be on a front cover!

    I looked through Cap #28 and couldn;t find the ISB :( I assume it is the Current Brubaker Cap? and 28 was Death of a Dream?