Dimestore Merlin All Up In This MF

I’m not trying to pull off an entire week of Golden Age-themed content or anything, but even after going through the entire saga of Rockman and the Underground Pixies last night, I still find myself inexplicably drawn to this picture:



Yes, it’s the gentleman I’ve dubbed Dimestore Merlin, who is actually the unnamed King of Jugoslavia, who lets his daughter run around in Flash Gordon pants and a gold bra and then wonders why she keeps getting kidnapped by midgets. And maybe it’s the fact that he looks like Santa’s gay cousin, maybe it’s the little patch on his pajama top that sort of looks like Bully in a crown, but whatever it is, it’s enough to drive me to the brink of obsession.

So in honor of the comics being pushed back this week (and subsequently pushing back the Week in Ink to Friday, since I actually like to read the comics before I buy them), I’m offering it up as a special Tuesday edition of the ISB’s Monday Meme!

I mean, just look at the guy: He’s so expressive! That look on his face could be angered disappointment…



…or abject shock:



The possibilities, dear friends, are endless. Join me, won’t you?

44 thoughts on “Dimestore Merlin All Up In This MF

  1. Dimestore Merlin seems pretty openly horrified at the prospect of calling in Rockman.

    “Crap… And now we’re so royally boned we must call in Rockman – and that guy is even creepier than ME. If I didn’t know better I’d swear he enjoyed spanking those poor runts. Just the thought of it makes me go wall-eyed.”

  2. “What do you mean the Super Friends are out feeding hungry koalas? Really? Well, shit. Who else do we got? Who? You mean the guy who rides in that giant dildo that keeps blasting through the walls of my damn castle? Meh, whatever, it’s not like we can do worse at this point.”

  3. “I take a ten minute
    power nap and this is what
    I get! Who took my
    thumb this time?”

  4. Dimestore Merlin is……Martin Short!! Take a look at a picture of Short and then look at dimestore Merlin. I dare ya!

  5. That picture with his eyes colored in is TERRIFYING. What would the king look like with white, blank, soulless eyes?