DMC’s Most Metal Moments



Today, I’m celebrating the release of the fourth volume of Detroit Metal City–the most insanely, awesomely, enjoyably over-the-top Death Metal manga ever–by highlighting the Five Most Metal Moments of the series thus far!

And seriously, if you haven’t read it yet and you want to avoid getting satsugai‘d, I suggest you GO TO DMC!

3 thoughts on “DMC’s Most Metal Moments

  1. Upon seeing it on your site a few days ago, went to onemanga and read like 60 some odd chapters of it, and it’s amazing. there are awesome toys and a live action movie just waiting to be had, thanks for the heads up. I am a little disturbed by the urge to yell greedy bitch pig at ppl..but what are you gonna do?

  2. Satsugai satsuga se yooo… Satsugai satsuga se yooo… Satsugai satsuga se yooo

    Krauser rocks! I can’t remember laughing out loud like that in a long time: That’s wild, outrageous fun… and all the more otrageous because of songs like “Amai koibito”