Down Set Fight Chapter 2: The First Incident

Chuck vs. Jumbo!

The man-on-mascot beatdown continues! Down Set Fight chapter 2 is out today at Comixology! This week, Chad, Scott, Josh and I pick up with Chuck Fairlane ten years after the violent end of his career in professional sports. He’s left his past behind him and moved on to coaching high school football, but it looks like his past isn’t done with him. Ribs get cracked, kids get smacked and the mystery begins in “The First Incident!

Incidentally, this chapter also includes what I’m pretty sure is Chad’s and my favorite joke of the entire comic, the name of Chuck’s school. We figured it would have a super narrow audience, but surprisingly, it killed when we announced it at New York. Hopefully you’ll dig it, too. Grab the issue for $1.99, and hey, why not subscribe to it while you’re at it so that you get the next four parts automagically? It just makes sense!

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