Dracula The Unconquered #3

Dracula the Unconquered #3

Dracula the Unconquered was dead.

It had been three years since our last issue, and while I’d written scripts for the next few and plotted out entire story arcs in my head, and even considered what I might do with spin-offs for characters who hadn’t even been introduced yet, it looked like those were never going to happen. It was a shame, too — of all the comics I’ve written Dracula is the one I have the most fun with, the one that I get ideas for without even having to try, and Steve Downer and Josh Krach brought it to the page exactly as I saw it in my head in those first two issues. But three years is an eternity in comics, even when you promised an “irregular” update schedule. So yes: Dracula was dead and buried.

But as we all know, being dead has never stopped him before.

Today, the team behind Dracula the Unconquered is finally back together, chronicling the adventures of the former Sovereign of the Undead as he journeys across the world to battle his enemies with our third action-packed issue: “The Flight of Fortune’s Favor!” Witness the thrill of Air Pirates in the skies over Europe, and the blood-boiling debut of one of Dracula’s oldest rivals! All this and more, available now on Comixology, with 24 pages of full-color action for a mere $1.99.

Dracula the Unconquered #3 Dracula the Unconquered #3 Dracula the Unconquered #3 Dracula the Unconquered #3 Dracula the Unconquered #3 Dracula the Unconquered #3

If you’ve been paying attention very closely over the past few years, then you might notice that the issues are now on Comixology, rather than being sold independently on Pulley or Gumroad. For the record, #1 and #2 are still available on Gumroad in PDF and CBZ, but in all honesty, Comixology addressed the major problem I had with the platform when they announced downloadable “backup copies” of virtually all independent titles. Pick it up there, and you’ll be able to snag it in DRM-free CBZ, just as you could with the first two.

And, since it’s been so long, here are a few pieces of bonus material:

From way back in 2012, here’s the design for Captain Mercedes Fortune, swashbuckling airship pilot:

Mercy Fortune design by Steve Downer

And Steve’s design for the Fortune’s Favor. Believe it or not, I actually sketched out a version of this in my notes ages ago — a Zeppelin with a sailing ship attached to the bottom, along with its pirate counterpart.

Airship Design by Steve Downer

(Click for Full Size)

But it’s not hot air that keeps that ship flying, it’s the Aetheric Field Manipulator:

Click for full size

Click for full size

And, well, there’s one more design, too, but it’s a bit of a spoiler. If you’ve read the issue and want to see more of our guest star, check them out right here! 

That’s all for now, but if all goes well, there’s more to come. Let’s just hope it won’t be another three years!

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