12 thoughts on “Dracula Week: BATMAN

  1. Can we stretch out the week to Dracula Month?
    Or maybe have an El Santo week?
    Or can we all get together and make a movie where Batman and El Santo fight Racist Dracula with the help of Blacula and then something happens I don’t know what because my brain will have explote from the greatness?

  2. Batman is lazily going as Vampire Batman for Halloween again this year. Seriously Bruce, you can’t just pop in some fake fangs and call it a costume.

  3. Bloodstorm had some of the most frustratingly inconsistent art I have ever seen, which is a shame as I really liked the look of ‘Red Rain’, and vampire dracula seemed an awesome idea to my 11-year-old brains. The colouring did not help, awful computero glossy 90s shite.

    Never bothered with the third Bat-vampire book, whatever it was called.

  4. The third one was Crimson Mist. It wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, honestly.