Dracula Week: Las Enseñanzas de El Santo



Normally, the ISB offers inspirational (and actual) quotes from the Ultimate Warrior as a public service to our readership so that they can reflect on his words and improve their lives. In honor of Dracula Week, however, we have turned the attention to the famous luchador philosopher El Santo, whose many battles against Dracula and the Vampire Women have become the stuff of legend.

10 thoughts on “Dracula Week: Las Enseñanzas de El Santo

  1. The moment, 40 minutes into a pretty bad mexican vampire film, when El Santo walks through a door and asks “What’s going on?” is one of the great moments of MST3K.

    “Uh, do you need any wrestling done?” indeed.

  2. The absence of El Santo was probably the main thing that was wrong with ‘From Dusk Til Dawn.’

    Also, if you’re ever down Acapulco way, the mariachis still sing of the time that El Santo, disguised as Senor Otnas, pinned Dracula and forced him to shave his head.

  3. There is a reason that there are no successful undead Mexican supervillains…

    Zombie Luchadores!

    Respect the power behind the Mask!