Everybody Loves M.O.D.O.K.!

Well, Captain America doesn’t, and I have my sincere doubts that Iron Man and the Hulk are holding out any deep affection for the guy, but I sure as hell love MODOK! That’s why I contributed my latest article to Comics Alliance, a gallery of MODOK’s strangest moments. And as Laura Hudson writes in her introduction, considering that MODOK is himself a strange moment, there’s bound to be some weirdness in there.

Shockingly, only two of the entries come from Nextwave.

So please, click on over there and check out the G.O.M.O.D.O.K., and in the meantime, please enjoy an entry that I neglected to include in the finished product: The MODOK McMuffin, by the Action Age’s own Rusty Shackles!



For more of Rusty’s work, check out his gallery and of course, his work on The Hard Ones for the Action Age of Comics!

16 thoughts on “Everybody Loves M.O.D.O.K.!

  1. Man, I gotta go read some old Captain America comics again.

  2. Modok is one of those Marvel characters that is just the essence of every thing Marvel is about.

  3. Oh my God, the Modok Avengers are just so disturbing….

    “When will they leave? Mommy, I’m scared!”

  4. The MODOF incident is better off without comment. There’s no possible way to improve it.

  5. MODOK McMuffin?
    I think it looks more like a MODOK with a pancake on its head.
    But both make me smile…

  6. Ha! Legion it was originally going to be a biscuit, but it kinda became this weird pancake-biscuit-english muffin hybrid that everyone sees differently. I blame the Unstable Molecules I used instead of flour.

  7. MODOK is one more proof that Jack Kirby was the greatest ever. As if we needed more.

  8. I like how whoever is berating MODAM feels the need to separate herself from all those non-female Amazons out there.

  9. This is proof that the Journal of MODOK Studies needs to resume publication at once!

  10. “MODOK is one more proof that Jack Kirby was the greatest ever. As if we needed more.”

    Of course, if we did need more, there’s also Arnim Zola, Devil Dinosaur, Jimmy Olsen: Homo Disastrous and the entire Kamandi universe.

  11. This is what all humans will look like in the future, ya know.

    Minus the pancake, of course… maybe.

    “Arms too short! Head too big!”