Five Years Later


ISB reader David Wolkin celebrates the Awesomeversary at work.


Five years ago, my friend Phil told me I should start a blog. I told him that the last thing the world needed was someone else who thought their diary was so awesomely important that it was worth other people reading. I had, however, made a New Year’s resolution to write more, so on January 6, 2005, I relented, signed up for a blogspot account and ended up creating Chris’s Invincible Super-Blog.

The rest you probably know.

I’ve gotta say, the past year has been a good one here at ISB HQ: 2009 saw me branching out into more freelance work than I’ve ever had, with regular gigs at two other sites, getting my first two Action Age comics out on the web (and finishing others that nobody’s seen yet), and even what I hope is the start of work in comics that I’m not publishing myself, which is a pretty big thing for me.

Even more than that, though, it was a good year for new friends. There’s Euge, of course, who has gone from being a literal Person I Don’t Know to a better friend and partner than I ever would’ve thought, but there are others too, like the comics internet’s two favorite married couples, Evie & Aaron and Chris & Curt. I’ve met some good folks, and if nothing else, the past five years have been worth it just to get those folks (and the other great friends I’ve made) in my life.

But that’s enough of that. Two paragraphs of maudlin sappiness a year is about all I can stand, so let’s get on with it. Raise a glass, folks. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

Welcome to Year Six.

24 thoughts on “Five Years Later

  1. been down since really early on… it’s been a hell of a ride. Just don’t forget your fans when you’re writing Daily Planet comics, k?

  2. Congratulations Chris!

    I don’t really drink so it’s a big compliment to you that I am going to mix some Disaronno into my chocolate milk in tribute.

    I predict this will be the year Marvel finally hires you to write “Wolverine Has Sex With Every Female Character in the Marvel Universe”. I can’t wait to see Rusty Shackles draw Midnight from “U.S.1”!

  3. I want to come up with a clever smart-ass anniversary-themed riff on a “You forgot,” like “You forgot to mention your Anita Blake posts. FAIL.”

    But that’s a shitty idea. Instead, I offer congratulations on five years of blogging and continued success. You are one funny fucker.

  4. Happyverysary kid! Time for blog Kindergarten. Here’s your lunch, I cut the crusts off, now stop asking what you should have for lunch.

  5. Congratulations, and I’m glad to share my birthday with something as awesome as the ISB.

  6. Congrats, Chris! I think I’ve been here since year one. I didn’t realize you started this as a New Year’s Resolution. I made the same resolution this year, and I’m almost dead by day 7. Gotta go, time to feed the blog…

  7. Not quite sure how long I’ve been here; I know I was around at ISB classic. Thank you for entertaining me on an almost daily basis.