Fluke 2011: The Terrible Sketches



Yesterday, Chad and I got up at 5 AM (after exactly zero hours of sleep, in my case) and drove down to Athens, Georgia for Fluke 2011, a comics show that was held at the 40 Watt, a venue I previously only knew from the Guided By Voices live record. The focus was on indie books and I have to say, even with only one day, it was the most profitable show I’ve ever had. Of course, that was helped by the fact that tables cost a grand total of eight dollars, but still, the audience was full of people who were looking for indie books to take a chance on, which made something like Awesome Hospital or Skullkickers — which completely sold out from my table — a much easier sell. Who knew hipsters liked amoral sword and sorcery so much?

It was also the first con where Chad and I have done One-Dollar Terrible Sketches. I’ve always taken my crayons and drawn things for people, but Ken Lowery has been doing them for a buck at shows since he first kicked off The Variants gave me the idea of actually charging for them. I have to admit, it’s way funnier when there’s money involved, especially since it often leads to me trying to talk people out of them.

Fortunately, there were enough suckers art connoisseurs at the show that I got to draw a few!

First up, the girl at the table behind us, Meg, had a sketchbook of “Ugly Pugs” that she passed around at every con, and it’s got some great stuff in there, including one by Ted Naifeh. I think I got the “ugly” part down pretty well:



Next, ISB reader Shannon — who said he’s been reading since the Blogspot days, which meant I had to apologize — asked for one of my favorite characters, U.S. 1:



Finally, one that was weird, even by my standards. Two girls came by the table and asked each of us to draw a sketch of one of them, and they kept adding to the request as we drew. Chad’s wanted herself riding a wolf (which ended up looking like a horse with an emo* haircut), but mine wanted herself holding a cat and riding a unicorn and she wanted a crown and also for her hair to be “flaming red.” I can’t draw cats so I drew Meowth, and given the opportunity to draw a unicorn, I will always, always draw Twilight Sparkle:



All things considered — and by “all things,” I mean my complete lack of artistic talent — I think I did pretty well.



Later, we saw them getting a caricature of themselves holding a cat and snake, respectively. I like to imagine that they have some bizarre secret gallery known only to a select few in Athens, but it is entire possible that they were just drunk. The show was in a bar, after all.

Either way, Fluke was a blast, and I met some great people while I was down there. We’re definitely going back next year, and if you’re anywhere around, I suggest you do the same!

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