Fox News Calls Bulletstorm “The Worst Video Game In The World,” Everyone Else Rolls Their Eyes



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve written up a short piece on the completely manufactured controversy over Bulletstorm, the upcoming game scripted by Rick Remender.

That’s right, everybody: Major news outlets are still running stories blaming video games for The Problems Of America’s Youthâ„¢, and — if I may be allowed to borrow a phrase from Paul F. Tompkins — the current year starts with a two. Honestly, it’s enough to make me buy a copy out of spite, even though I’ve got the ol’ FPS motion sickness. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Fox News Calls Bulletstorm “The Worst Video Game In The World,” Everyone Else Rolls Their Eyes

  1. Of course, you youngsters don’t remember the troubles of the Olden Days — but I lived through the Space Invaders Murders, the Pac-Man Riots, the Street Fighter gangs with their street fights, and the horrible Megaman Massacre…

    But through it all, the news media was THERE for us, man, telling the TRUTH about videogames! Without Fox News, today’s kids would be defenseless against the insidious rot of Dead Space, World of Warcraft and Call of Duty!

    (Just kidding…)

  2. This just got me mad, reminding me of why I stopped watching FOX News – when they unwarrantedly attacked Mass Effect for the 3 seconds of nudity. Their own “Expert” even recanted after actually seeing the footage they where talking about.

    I wrote about it on my blog and linked it to you’re analysis’s of the story. Very insightful and informing. You seem a heck of a lot more qualified to report the news than anyone who works at FOX.

  3. Ack – I’m sorry – I confused your page with the Comic Alliance article. My bad. But you’re the one who alerted me to the story. Thanks for that!

  4. Ok, maybe i’m a big redneck, conservative, racist, tea-bagging, racist (did I mention that yet) obama-hating, neo-con, nazi, and totally uncool for agreeing with FOX News – but I DO think that some video games too are too violent for sale to minors… I DO think that if a kid spends 5 hours a day virtually stabbing and shooting people, that it DOES make it easier for him to rationalize doing it to a real person in the real world…

    I can remember playing marathon sessions of GTA and sure enough, when I jumped in my car (my real car) I would laugh at the feeling I had of wanting to jump the curb to take a short cut, or ignore traffic lights… I KNOW I’m not alone in that.

    But becuase i am a conservative (read: redneck, racist, tea-bagger, neo-con, nazi, and totally uncool) I also think the industry should be self regulated… Which I’m pretty sure it is.