Free Comic Book Day!

Sorry folks, the Internet’s Most Unreliable Comics Reviews are taking the week off, as I haven’t made it out to the shop this week. Instead, I’ve been busy preparing for Free Comic Book Day 2010!



“But Chris!” you say. “You don’t work at the store anymore!” And yes, that’s true. Instead, Chad and I will actually be making an in-store appearance from 10 AM to 5 PM! So if you’re anywhere near Columbia, South Carolina, swing by Heroes and Dragons this Saturday to pick up your free comics, and maybe, just maybe, you can get some of these too:



Awesome Hospital Postcards, signed and sketched by me and/or Chad!



Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. #1!



11″ x 17″ Solomon Stone Prints by Dan McDaid and Tamas Jakab!

And–what’s this–for the first time anywhere…



The Solomon Stone Special, reprinting The Chronicles of Solomon Stone #2!


For Chad and me, this is the kickoff of what we’ve been calling the Action Age Comics Boys Of Summer World Tour 2010, which will culminate in Charlotte at HeroesCon, where we’ll be holding down a table from June 4 to 6 with even more Action Agey Goodness.

And hey, if you’re not in South Carolina but you are near Dayton, Ohio, then you can catch up with a member of Team Action Age at Superfly Comics in Yellow Springs, where Rusty Shackles will be appearing! He’ll have a ton of prints for sale, including versions of some of our Great Comics that Never Happened. And yes, that means LOEG ’88:



And hey, if you’re up in boston, you can stop by Comicopia to see pals Kevin Church and Ming Doyle, the team behind The Loneliest Astronauts, and head to ROFLCon to see a good chunk of my fellow Fake AP Stylebook contributors, including Dr. K of the infamous South of the Border trip.

Even if you’re in neither one of those places, though, it’s still going to be Free Comic Book Day, so get out and show your local shop some support. Most places have big sales (I know my old shop does), so you can take advantage of that while checking out some stuff on the cheapest it can be.

And if you see me, say something! At the very least, it’ll keep me from indulging my rekindled obsession with RPGs. For now.

13 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day!

  1. I have to recommend the Million-Dollar Picnic to anyone who is going to be in the Boston area for ROFLCon (or for any other reasons). Awesome comic book store.

  2. Dear Chris,
    Is there a way for those of us who are several time zones away from North Carolina and who work in Surgical Services at Big Ol’ Hospitals to get Dr. Dirtbike postcards?
    Mary Sue

  3. someone put a photo tour of the comic shop up at cbr. that place is fucking massive. i wish i had a friend that lived in SC so i would have an excuse to go.

  4. One of the big draws at my local store is a woman dressed up as Psylocke. They may as well just have a big sign out front saying “Hey, Losers, Titties Here!”

  5. “I once went to a Million Dollar Picnic at Ted Dibiase‚Äôs house. Every egg salad had a price.”

    Virgil shoved a dollar down my throat after I lost the sack race.