8 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: A Christmas Carol

  1. This side of Mr. Magoo, I like the 1938 version with Reginald Owen. The Sim version is $1 at Target!

    ps: June Lockhart’s parents are in this version.

  2. “Yeah, yeah, I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past! Now get your greedy wrinkled butt outta that bed before I slug ya in the mouth!”

    Plus, Peaches Valentine as Tiny Tim. And George Bailey, at the end. (“SIXTY DAYS?!” “ZUZU!”)

    (Actually, I favor the George C. Scott version. ‘Cause, the Ghost of Christmas Present is… The Equalizer!)

  3. I read in the TPB, and I laughed hard at the sheer amount of abuse that this Scrooge took in the story, to the point of getting massive hematoma. And that’s not counting what Tiny Tim does to him.

  4. Chris Sims: Your “Listening. . ” to icon on the left of the page is the shit.

    My favorite Christmas Carol version is the Muppet version. Lame?

  5. The Alastair Sim Christmas Carol is absolutely incredible, definitely the definitive version, in my opinion.

  6. Andrew – hells yes. It’s fantastic, one of the few versions to get that “A Christmas Carol” is a ghost story, and therefore should be somewhat creepy. Plus, Alistair Sim.