Friday Night Fights: A Piece of Advice from Cobra Commander




Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide!
Panic spreading far and wide!
Who can turn the tide?

Bah-lac-tus! (A Real American Hero!)


More pearls of wisdom from America’s Greatest Shrieking Mastermind–including “You were engineered with such potential, Serpentor, but you lack the most important DNA of all… MINE!” and “Enjoy the life I gave you… I’m going to end it soon!”–can be found in GI Joe v.5.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: A Piece of Advice from Cobra Commander

  1. To be fair, anyone with a mustache like that is BEGGING to be hit, just for the sheer visual joy of seeing the mustache tips flailing in the air like little tentacles.

  2. Oh no, COBRA Commander punched that little ball of light in front of Doctor Mindbender’s face! How horrible.

  3. The “ball of light,” as you call it, is actually something known to scientists/awesomeologists as The Aparo Effect, wherein someone is punched so hard that it creates an explosion.

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  4. Gasp! It looks like he punched him fair in the glasses! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Face of Evil.


  5. The Good The Bad and The Ugly should be on everyone’s watching list, permanently, every week, every day

  6. Man, when you yap so much that Cobra Commander tells you to shut it, you should really start taking that into consideration.