17 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

  1. I thought it was his eyebrow up until I read the story where he got cut. Space Usagi FTW, seriously.

  2. I picked this up at a comic fair a couple of years ago. The fair was a limited selection of crap and I felt I had to buy something to justify going to the thing. I soon found out I had purchased the joyous needle from the haystack of cut-price Dreamwave comics, old Vampirella magazines and buckets of 90s X-men toys.

  3. Yeah, come to think of it Usagi -is- scruffy and unkempt enough for the Sanjuro reference.

    No spectacular, explosive blood spray though? Disappointment.

  4. Wait, Usagi’s name is Miyamoto? Two things come to mind

    1) Ooh what a give away
    2) What the hell is a yojimbo?

  5. Damnation, I meant Sergio Leones.
    Two people who make things I like shouldn’t have the same first name.

  6. Okay, seriously.

    How is there *not* an Usagi Yojimbo videogame?

  7. And I thought I was the only one who mistook the scar for an eyebrow for ages …

    And to reiterate your point:
    Usagi Yojimbo = AWESOME

  8. Reth:

    There was, on the SNES iirc. Wiki is your friend, I’d imagine.