Friday Night Fights: Becky + Harold 4 Ever

Despite what you may have heard (mostly from me), vampires aren’t always all about sucking blood and shooting Nazis in the face. Sometimes, as Bahlactus well knows, they just need a little love.








Becky and Harold take their relationship to the next level–the one that involves a court order–in the pages of Jack Staff Volume 3: Echoes Of Tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Becky + Harold 4 Ever

  1. Now come on – that girl had “watch my face-rearranging right cross” written all over her from panel one! Nicely telegraphed, Mr S!!

  2. Can’t be much of a vampire hunter if all he does is fall out of a bush and get punched in the face. He didn’t even wangst and have graphic yet clinical sex!!!

  3. Dear Santa,

    My Christmas wish is to have Becky Burdock cold-cock Anita Blake.

    Your pal,