Friday Night Fights: Black Friday Beatdown!



As longtime readers will no doubt recall from last year’s Yuletide festivities, there’s nothing I love more than celebrating Christmas, and with Thanksgiving finally out of the way, the 2007 Christmas Countdown can finally get started!

First, though, we’ve got to make it through the looming capitalist horror that is Black Friday. Me, I tend to abstain from shopping today, as I usually have my shopping done by mid-November or so. Plus, you never quite know when that friendly mall Santa’s going to turn out to be a rampaging Super-Villain.





Oh, but don’t worry: It all works out okay!



If a beatdown’s on YOUR wish-list, go see Bahlactus!


The whole story of the Rhino’s brief tenure as a Mall Santa can be found in Incredible Hulk #378, by Bill Jaaska and–who else?–Peter David, and while it’s not in trade yet, you can find it on the Incredible Hulk Complete Collection DVD.

15 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Black Friday Beatdown!

  1. Wow, I thought you’d say this was from some silly one-shot or holiday special. It was in the main Hulk book?!

    I didn’t really shop today, but did pluck some goodies from the sale bin at one of the local comic shops. Cap #25 was in the $1 bin. Take that, speculators.

  2. HELL NO hogfather is great. So is Going Postal, Making Money and my all time favorite Night Watch.

    I also wonder how close Marvel is to making a Zombie Chirstmas special. . .

  3. Making Money seemed a little, I dunno, rushed or something. Also, the font is freaking huge, which probably contributes to my impression that they rushed the novel and padded it out so it wouldn’t look as thin.

    (I think they might have rushed it out because of the current banking messes in the UK and elsewhere, making it unusually relevant and topical for a Pratchett novel.)

    As for Chris’s post, the idea of Hulk and the Rhino at a department store santa display makes me long for a mash-up of comic heroes and David Sedaris’ Santaland Diaries.

  4. Still one of my favorite Christmas superhero stories anywhere ever. In addition to the pouting panel above, my other favorite moment is, “We’re both gonna be nice. Watch,” followed by a panel with the Hulk and the Rhino with the most sickening forced smiles on their faces. Priceless.

  5. I haven’t read this in years, but doesn’t the Rhino make a completely inappropriate comment about not being able to have sex in the costume? I remember thinking how out of place that was.