Friday Night Fights: Equality At Last!







And that’s why Bahlactus is working for a finer world!


More of Booster’s fight with the RFG–and some of the best team books DC’s ever published–can be found in the Gifffen / Dematties / Maguire run of Justice League International, which is being handily reprinted in hardcover at this very moment.

14 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Equality At Last!

  1. Booster Gold,
    Booster Gold,
    Chats up the Ladies
    Then Knocks ‘Em Cold.

    Hey, that works with both the Spider-Man and the Freakazoid theme. I’m the God-Damned Sondheim!

  2. I love that line. I wish they’d move on from the first volume, though. We can have a million reprints of 1-7, and nothing else? Unfair, DC. Unfair.

  3. Ah the Royal Flush Gang. Trotted out whenever a character needs to beat someone up to prove their cred.