Friday Night Fights: Haggling Lessons







And that’s exactly how Bahlactus got such a good price on his last car.


For more tips on Cimmerian Money-Management, consult Joe Lansdale and Tim Truman’s Conan and the Songs of the Dead, wherein Conan has sex with a ghost, chops up a couple dozen mummies, and then stabs a wizard who is riding a giant red eagle and summoning Lovecraftian horrors. Back in the Hyborean age, that was pretty much just called “Thursday.”

13 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Haggling Lessons

  1. Man, in that second panel Conan’s nose looks so broken he must have been punched in the face by the Frost Giant’s brother!

  2. Geez, Conan the barbarian psychopath, kindo of makes the point of why you don’t want to let strangers join your caravan…

  3. I feel the compulsion to point out that Conan wasn’t really being told “no”; he was being told “yes, but at a price.”

  4. Trevor, exactly right. It doesn’t even make sense in context, it’s just psycho.

  5. I don’t think Conan really wanted to join the caravan. I think he was just trying to find out if the blade on his sword was dull. If you know an easier way of doing that, I’d like to hear it.

  6. Is that story in trade or is it on sale now? Ghost sex, mummy chops and Lovecraft in one story starring Conan? Ace!!!

    Reminds me of a dream i had once. Almost the same thing. Only there’s no sex but the ghost is my ex-girlfriend, the wizard is a Chinese woman and my partner, it’s in modern times and I’m not Conan but a pyrokinetic studying to be an agent at the Malaysian branch of BPRD.