Friday Night Fights: How To Win Every Time

Thus completing the One Panel of Pain Hulk trifecta, we proudly bring you one of the ISB’s favorite battles: Man vs. Beast!




I guess what I’m saying here is that if you want to see giant panels of people getting punched out, Essential Rampaging Hulk is probably a good bet.

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: How To Win Every Time

  1. Shouldn’t it be Beast vs Beast, or Monster vs Beast? Or is the elephant the human? (I think there’s an african tribe who believes just that)

  2. Jeeeezuss! He punched that elephant in the jaw so hard that BOTH tusks shattered!

  3. This pic sorta reminds me of Punch Out. Except instead of Little Mac vs. King Hippo, it’s the Hulk and an elephant.

    On a similar topic, has the Hulk been blacklisted by PETA?

  4. I picked up this book at Borders,flipped to a random page,and got this picture. Needless to say,I made the purchase.