Friday Night Fights: Ice Cream Grudge Match








Not even Bahlactus gets between a green-haired girl and her confections.

And that’s real.


Yotsuba’s harrowing addiction to ice cream is chronicled (along with a fun trip to the beach and a fight with a robot!) in Kiyohiko Azuma’s delightful Yotsuba&! v.5.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Ice Cream Grudge Match

  1. Love the new header.

    Ice cream, like a door to the face, is best served cold. . .

    (sorry its late)

  2. Yotsuba is one of the best things in the history of time. That’s my story, and I’m sticking by it. Just sooo long between volumes… :(

  3. …I’ve no idea who the characters involved are, but that’s the funnierst thing I’ve seen in weeks. Go door power, go!