Friday Night Fights: Spooktoberfest Begins!

It’s October, and that means that it’s time once again to kick off the ISB’s annual celebration of all things scarifying! And what better way to lead off than with another installment of Friday Night FRIGHTS! It’s going to–

What’s that, Bahlactus? It’s still Friday Night Fights? Oh.

Well have some vampires anyway!







Tonight’s terror-filled throwdown courtesy of Kouta Hirano’s Hellsing, the not-too-bad-at-all story of vampires who shoot each other in the face with comically large guns.

10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Spooktoberfest Begins!

  1. There was a short time where I was going to get into anime and I bought the series. I kind of want my $40 back but the Paladins were pretty cool if I remember right.

  2. First off, let’s not forget that they’re shooting Nazi vampires in the face with comically large guns – at least some of time. So, you know, bonus points for that.

    Second, in the scene above, we’re talking about the guy with the band-aid (or is it a Breathe-Rite strip?) on his nose and an eye patch, right? ‘Cause my copies always spelled it “Vernedead”. How curious.

  3. Someone told me to watch this, once. I think I picked up Gantz instead… *shudder*

    On a lighter note, I’m doing a “30 days of nightmare” over at Dollar Bin Blues, reviewing a different horror/spooky comic every day from 01 October to 30 October. I’ve already covered a comic where Abe Lincoln gives a werewolf a noogie (in a pin-up, but still.)

  4. Ah, Hellsing. Because who doesn’t love Nazi vampires? Or at least shooting them?
    I mean, they even have a mad scientist with superfluously lensed glasses named Doktor. It’s great.