Friday Night Fights: Strike Three







Because Batman will beat you up, lecture you, and make fun of you… at the same time. Just Ask Bahlactus!

All images from the classic Batman #232, reprinted awesomely in Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams v.3, which also contains my second favorite Batman sequence ever.

17 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Strike Three

  1. I bet he sits around, between crimes and ponders things to say during fights. I mean, he has to do something and we all know that something isn’t “doing real work”.

  2. I miss the days when every line of comic book dialogue ended in either an exclamation point or ellipses…

    It was a simpler time!

  3. I love how that last panel of Ubu going down reveals another set of feet. C’mon Ubu, didn’t you see the first guy? What’re you, new?

  4. That is one of the most beautiful sequences of panels I’ve ever seen.

    You know, I like the dark-hued Batman, I think blacks and greys work well on the character and it’s an appropriate and logical choice… but Batman in the radiant blue cape and cowl is both awesome and bad-ass.

  5. panel one: and by “prove” he means “rub.”

    panel two: do you dare to challenge batman’s uncoventional sense of what the word “item” means? i don’t think so!

    panel four: fun fact: soap bubbles are indeed fragile! who said comics aren’t educational?

  6. Neal Adams. The man. Sure, he may be bugfuck insane when it comes to things like whether the Earth is hollow, but he still draws an ass-kicking like no one else.

  7. What happens in the next panel? Does Batman rip off Ubu’s shirt and set it on fire? Cause someone needs to.

  8. You know, some women think a soft, pillow-like gut is very sexy on a man.

    That’s what they told me, anyway.