Friday Night Fights: Surprise Attack!

Because nobody expects Friday Night Fights on a Thursday!

Yes, due to the fact that comics were delayed this week (meaning that I haven’t had a chance to actually read them yet), I’m straining my powers to rend time itself asunder and bring you tomorrow night’s post today, with your usual Week In Ink delayed until tomorrow.

Thus, in honor of this week’s celebration of our country’s 231st birthday, I give you…

Cap and Batroc Together?!
Now You Know You In Trouble!








That’s Unity!
Right, Bahlactus?

All panels from the Stern/Byrne classic Captain America #252, reprinted in the all-out awesome War and Remembrance trade paperback, re-released this week.

21 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Surprise Attack!

  1. Lafayette, we are here! Always warms my heart to see these two working together. Sims, this calls for a Bastille Day throwdown! Batroc vs. Asterix!

  2. USA and France, friends fighting together. Who’d have thunked it? Viva La Revolution!

    What comics are those images from? I seem to vaguely remember them but I’m not sure from where.

  3. Oooh, almost. I thought you might be able to pull off the French in this post, I was sure you could…

    But it’s “brutal” not “brutale”, sorry. Ahh those pesky French grammar rules. Even francophones have trouble mastering it. Still, B+.

    And while I’m correcting papers:
    -Nimbus: Why’d you have to call for revolution in Spanish, compadre? C+
    -Gillman: Trying to say “magnifique”? D-

    Bon, on se reprend plus tard. Que Batroc soit avec vous!

  4. Googling “Cap Batroc slash” gets 128 results. Just sayin’.

    (None of them actually seem to be fanfiction, though.)

  5. It’s like this and like that and like this and uh;
    It’s like that and like this and like that, and uh;
    It’s like this…

    So just chill, ’til the next episode.

  6. KRUD – The sound of America’s foremost superpowered patriot and his most awesomely ridiculous nemesis simultaneously jawjacking a 19th century literary figure.

  7. And while I’m correcting papers:
    -Nimbus: Why’d you have to call for revolution in Spanish, compadre? C+

    You mean Batroc is French not Spanish!?!? Ach Schade! :)

    Actually, I should’ve said: Vive La Révolution.
    (it took me a while to get that accent on the e).

  8. Loved that period of Captain America.

    Byrne and Runbenstein were great together. Loved what they did on that book. And the stories weren’t that bad either (j/k, everything on that book was great).

    Sur ce….. au revoir mes amis. ;)

  9. For those desiring corrections on their exclamations of enthusiasm, I’ve found:

    It’s reasonably accurate…accents included!

    Monsieur Invincible, une digne soumission vendredi à nuit combat :)

  10. If I dress like Batroc le leaper, it will be more like Fatroc le mangeur. ;))

    We had our Batroc badge this year at HeroesCon. That is the closest you will ever see me dressed as Batroc (at least…. I hope ;))

    Mais on peus toujours esperer. ;)

  11. In my mind, Batroc sounds like Strong Bad with a French accent. If that doesn’t ratchet up the funny, nothing will.