Friday Night Fights: The Final Battle!

This Halloween, the bell tolls for the final time on Friday Night Fights, but as Bahlactus leads the noble celebration of comic book pugilism to its grave, we’re reminded that not all dead things stay dead…






*Note: Dead flesh can feel significantly more hurt than previously advertised.



10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: The Final Battle!

  1. Happy Halloween Chris! We only had seven trick or treaters this year, but we showered them with too much candy! Hope you have fun tonight! I’m off for more “medication”. Nurse, refill!

  2. LurkerWithout:
    He looks like that because the last thought that’s going through his mind is: “First she turns me into a zombie, now she sets me on fire. WORST FIRST DATE EVER.” Which of course can only be vocalized as GGNNNNNYYYYYYAAAA.

  3. We had zero trick or treaters. Sad face.

    Sorry to hear it — it is a let-down. We used to get almost no kids, but there’s been a spike in the local tyke population. (How’d that happen?)

    Best of Show last night was a 5-year-old in a Musketeer outfit, bellowing “En Garde!”

    (No “CrakkaJamma!” battle cries, though.)

  4. I’m not sure if your Alt-text this time around deserves applause or scorn.

    Ah hell, I’ll give it applause.

  5. First year at a new house, we had about 30 trick or treaters. And for the first time I offered a choice between candy or a comic book. Over half chose to get a comic book, and about 6 or 7 of those were girls. So maybe kids still like comics after all.

  6. Sorry for your lack of trick or treaters, Chris. I was saddened by all the unopened bags of candy I returned today.