Friday Night Fights: The Man Without Fear!

You read it right, suckers: Bahlactus is back, all in, we’re gonna win! Check it out (yeah y’all) come on, here we go again!









Let this be a lesson, children: Crime and back hair do not pay.


You too can experience the joy of seeing Li’l Daredevil beat up some mobsters in Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.’s Daredevil: The Man Without Fear!

29 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: The Man Without Fear!

  1. Daredevil must be a P.I.M.P., cause he’s hitting that sucker with 50 Cent!

    Enjoy four bits worth of justice, you greasy Ron Jeremy looking dickhole! It’s Friday night and L’il’ DD’s going drinkin’!

  2. That’ll teach him that we don’t need to hear “So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun” one more time.

  3. I think Matt might have over reacted a little. Slade just asked him if he knew what time it was. This is exactly why we tell our kids not to talk to strangers. You never know when one might just snap and give you the kugging of a lifetime.

  4. Waitaminute…now that I’m looking at this with some perspective, is this the most savage beatdown in the history of comics? Not only is the guy’s anterior cruciate ligament shooting out the back of his knee in a gooey pulp, but that isn’t THREE KUGGs at all! IT’S ONE KUGG IN “RAGING BULL” STYLE SUPER-SLO-MO!! IT IS A KUGG SO BRUTAL WE ARE WATCHING THE SOUND EFFECT GROW BEFORE OUR EYES!!!

  5. You walk into the International House of Kuggcakes and ask the cashier for change, you should pretty much expect something like this to happen.

  6. Well, in “Ye Blinde Barrister’s Tale,” an oft-overlooked chapter of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, it’s spelled as “kugges,” but it was modernized into the current version as early as 1693.

  7. I kugg, I kugged, but is it “I have kugged” or “I have kuggen?” Because there is no passive voice. “I have been kuggened” has never been spoken aloud, only thought about later, during the coma.

  8. Can you use it in the -ing form as in:

    “The kugging he recieved created giant rings of color to explode around his head.”

    And is it a kugg if Batman hits you with a car battery?

  9. I propose a new character called Kugg the Almighty. A legendary fighter who had studied under Iron Fist before being irradiated by weaponized awesome.

  10. I think li’l Matt Murdock breaking that guy’s knee is the most painful thing I have seen in a comic since the Punisher shot Stilt-man in the nads with an anti tank missile.

  11. I worry about the shift from lead-acid car batteries to lithium-ion batteries.

    I believe that tossing a lithium-ion battery at your average thug will produce only a muffled “THUD” — somewhat akin to sack of oats or a soggy pile of newspapers.

    And that will just ruin Captain Bat’s day.

  12. I think it’s just awesome that there is a search category for “People getting beaten with money”. Whoever knew that a fistful of dollar coins impacting a jaw would go “KUGG!”

    Can someone please tell me when and where the Punisher TOW-missiled Stiltman in the niagaras? That is a mental image that causes joy…

  13. Wow. He just brutally beat that guy down with a Chong Li like brutality. Gotta give Romita some credit there.

  14. My bad, that came off as me saying that you didnt give him respect. You did. Forgive me, I have been imbibing.

  15. Stilt-Man’s Punisher-style junkectomy was in issue #3 of the Fraction penned Punisher War Journal, I believe. I don’t have the issues at hand, but I think #4 is Stilty’s funeral, so #3 should be the ouch. I heartily recommend both.