16 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: To a Man With a Hammer…

  1. You know what War of Kings needs? Thor and Beta Ray Bill beating up on Vulcan. I can’t think of any real reason for them too except that I hate him and want to see him hit over and over and over again with magic hammers…

  2. Ultron is my favorite Marvel villain. He instantly makes everything better, and not in a cheesy fun away (…well except for when he’s accidentally rebuilt into an evil Santa) but just in an awesome, unstoppable genocidal robot way.

  3. There are many reasons why I will never write Thor, but the top one would be my inability to resist adding a wisecracking, sunglass-wearing space-imp who would float over Thor’s shoulder, and, whenever Thor did something awesome, like throwing his hammer through adamantium so hard that it rippled like water, would lean into the panel, point at the victim and yell: “YOU JUST GOT THOR’ED, BITCH!!!”

    I know I could not resist this because I once ruined my run of Ultron Unlimited by adding him in in ballpoint on almost every page.

  4. Thor would need the excuse to go beat up on someone after being exiled from Asgard, so he meets up with Bill, and they get drawn into the War of Kings. yeah, i hate Vulcan too. Alex and Lilandra need all the help they can get.

  5. I like to imagine that, in the previous panel, Thor and Ultron were having a trivia contest, and this panel is Thor delivering his winning answer.

    The question, of course, being, “During which season is the Jewish Festival of Sukkot?”

  6. I had the UK reprint of this issue! I remember the scene- Thor was delivering an object lesson in why [i]beta[/i] adamantium, while representing a vast decrease in material expenditure, just isn’t up to the job, especially when the job involves withstanding a supersonic block of enchanted uru.

  7. Poor Ultron. The only time when he’s given panels is when a writer wants a good, juicy dismemberment but doesn’t want to run into Marvel’s gore restrictions.

  8. @Leopold

    they mixed things up a bit when they presented him as a nekkid Janet Van Dyne goddess prototype, courtesy of Frank Cho.

  9. Ultron Unlimited had a sweet callback to that as well! When Vance Astro was researching cases on Ultron, he saw a reference to DD and thought “I wonder how Daredevil beat him?” but got interrupted before learning the awesome truth, that Ultron is vulnerable to the Rock’em Sock’em Robot treatment with an old stick!

  10. No joke, the wallpaper on my phone is the first panel of Daredevil 275, when Doom is ranting while holding Ultron’s had. As he’ll do.

  11. * make that head. Not had. Head. It’s hard to hold on to the past tense of a verb. Even for Doom.