Friday Night Fights/Bring It On Week: CHEER-RUMBLE!

Despite the presence of a “cheer-rumble” in In It To Win It and the incorporation of the Cal State Martial Arts Club into Bring It On Again‘s “Renegades” squad, the Bring It On films are almost disturbingly free of violence. If, you know, you don’t count that time that Sparky Polastri flicks Eliza Dushku’s nose.

But let’s be real here: That’s not going to satisfy the Devourer of Funk when he puts out the call for fighting! Fortunately, I was able to find a suitable substitute…




For those of you unfamiliar with Geoff Johns’ best comic, that’s Shiv–who conforms full-tilt to the Evil Head Cheerleader stereotype, even unto super-villanous extremes–in the foreground, displaying proper spirit, and Courtney–who would go on to join the JSA and take the name “Stargirl”–off on the right, trying to preserve her modesty.

Sadly, the actual battle doesn’t have a lot to do with their cheerleading, but I think I’ve fixed that pretty handily. After all, this isn’t a democracy…





And that’s Cheereal.


You can find a little more cheerleading and a lot more face-kicking in the pages of the recently collected Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder.





After a minor diversion involving both bad donuts and Pac-Man, bitterandrew returns to Bringing It On with a round-up of music videos featuring cheerleaders, who lead cheers, lament neglectful boyfriends, and usher in the era of Grunge.

Head Cheerfiliate Bully keeps the pom-poms flying with one of his trademark Ten of a Kind posts, and as a fitting sign of my bad influence on the Comics Blogger Internet, it includes Tarot. What hath I wrought?!

Also, Bully goes the extra mile by bringing GI Joe: Special Missions #24 to my attention, as its plot revolves around the lovely ladies of the GI Joe team going undercover as cheerleaders for a baseball team…



…and while I hate to be the one to point this out, baseball doesn’t actually have cheerleaders. Still, it got Jinx and Cover Girl into a chorus line, so I’m willing to forgive.

And finally, while it includes exactly zero pictures of comic book characters in cheerleader oufits, former ISB Contest Winner Cap’n Neurotic offers up a post on his memories of being lucky enough to catch Bring It On in the theater.

13 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights/Bring It On Week: CHEER-RUMBLE!

  1. That’s plenty o’ panty shots in that first picture there.

    Also, Claire is apparently not the only super-cheerleader (or the only one to punch a cheer-bitch in the face).

    Another also, more stories should include plotlines where superheroines have to go undercover as leotard-clad cheerleaders. Or bikini car-washers.

  2. Wouldn’t “Cheer-ator” have been superior to “cheer-tator”? Unless she was trying to call her a cheerleading dictator?

  3. Wouldn’t “Cheer-ator” have been superior to “cheer-tator”? Unless she was trying to call her a cheerleading dictator?

    Ben, Ben, Ben. It sounds like someone needs to sit down and watch some Bring It On.

  4. Yeah, I gotta confess, Bring It On Week has increased my Bring It On Related Knowledge base by about 600 percent, which is a roundabout way of saying that previously, I was dimly aware of these movies existence.

  5. That was the WORST issue of “Special Missions” EVER. It was like watching an episode of the cartoon.

  6. I remember that issue of GI Joe. The Joes didn’t have all that many female members, did they? I think that’s all four of them, right there. At least they were doing better than Cobra who had the Baroness…and Zarana…and I think that was it. You have to feel bad for the Joe women, there. Scarlett could speak, like, 500 languages (including Klingon and Esperanto) and could fire a mean crossbow, Lady Jaye stabbed Cobra fools with a harpoon gun and was a covert operations expert, Jinx was the go-to ninja when Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow were busy, and Cover Girl drove a massive MISSLE TANK called the WOLVERINE. Yet, here they are, wearing leotards and making a chorus line. Wonder if Rock and Roll, Stalker, Gung-ho or Roadblock ever had to demean themselves like that?

  7. Japanese baseball DOES have cheerleaders and God bless ’em for it. (They also have beer girls who wander the stands with little mini-kegs strapped to their backs so you can get stright from the tap beer without leaving the dubious comfort of your seat.) I love me some Japanese baseball.

  8. As I recall they weren’t part of the game. It was some sort of pre-game celebration or something.