Friday Night Fun: The Revenge of Calamity James!

With the unstoppable Devourer of Funk taking a two-week break from Friday Night Fights and only three shopping days ’til Christmas, maybe it’s time to turn away from the punching and have a little fun!






Calamity’s fun with the year’s most hard-to-find console–and judging by a similar scene in Irredeemable Ant-Man, the semi-official game system of Marvel Comics–can be found in The Order #4, by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun: The Revenge of Calamity James!

  1. that was a brilliant scene. how many people would menacingly go up to the guy who completely ruined their life and then spend the day playing Wii Sports with him?

  2. If you’re going to post a Friday Night fight from The Order, it should be

    We appreciate your interest in the many fine products we offer here at ISB Industries, but if you’ll direct your attention to the actual title of this post, you’ll find that this isn’t actually a Friday Night Fight, which is why the word “fight” has been replaced in the title with “fun.”

    Hence the playing of the Wii.

    We appreciate your concern and support of all of our fine, mostly lead-free products!


  3. The title of the post might have replaced the word “fight” with “fun”, but then you also follow up immediately with the phrase “the FIGHTS before Christmas.”

    But that Wii scene is awesome. I thought I was going to hate the Order because I had massive Civil War backlash against a Tony Stark handpicked team full of hotshots. But the skillful writing of Matt Fraction teamed with the supportive reviews of Chris Sims have helped turn me around!

    Go Calamity James Wa!