FunkyWatch: May’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips



It’s that time again, fans of despair! Join me today as I run down May’s 11 Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft strips, which range from abject horror to existential dread to imaginary friend suicide! It’s a banner month for ol’ Tom Batiuk, and the end result is what might replace the suicidal seagull as my favorite Funky strip of all time.

2 thoughts on “FunkyWatch: May’s Most Depressing Funky Winkerbean Strips

  1. Wow, that last strip is amazing. And it looks a lot like the strip in which we learn Joanie Caucus and Rick Redfern are sleeping together in Doonesbury in 1975 (or whenever that was). But instead of “rain” and “gloom” swap in “soft breezes” and “butterflies.”