Great Comics That Never Happened #1



Today at ComicsAlliance, a new recurring feature debuts where Rusty Shackles and I set out to prove that we are not living in the best of all possible worlds by offering up a look at the greatest comics that never happened.

Of all the stuff I’m doing for CA now, this is the one that I’m most excited about, as getting these pictures back from Rusty is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. So check it out, and look out for our next installment, coming soon!

25 thoughts on “Great Comics That Never Happened #1

  1. This, my friends, is the most awesome thing I have seen today. As I am on my way now to visit the local comic shop and their current selection from Oni Press, I expect it to soon be the second most awesome thing I’ve seen today.
    But we’ll see.

  2. That is definitely the most awesome thing I have seen today and in fact, all week.

    It doesn’t hurt that I was listening to ol’ Iron Man and Johnny Blaze at the time.

  3. Of all the hand holding, only Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter have their fingers intertwined. Hmm…

    Based on what’s been on ISB, one would think it would have been Batman and Superman.

  4. You’re not black. You’re a fat white boy.

    You’re playing Xbox games and your Amazon link includes Dungeons and Dragons crap.

    Stop pretending.

  5. Yeah! Black people HATE video games! They’re all…wait…what?! Is…is this a reference to a Wu song that’s going over my head? I think I lost my ability to discern sarcasm on the internet. Hell, I can’t figure out if Chris was mad or happy about Tim’s (assumedly good-natured, but what do I know anymore…nothing!) link.

  6. Oh, it was definitely good natured – I love the Wu in all its incarnations, and a good cover gag is a good cover gag. He actually got someone to illustrate his, which is a plus.

  7. Yeah, that guy up there is right! Chris isn’t black! Only one demographic group can like one type of music, and its not like those D&D supplements were written by another Chris Sims and come up do to Amazon key words! And OBVIOUSLY rap fans never play video games, like how they never made video games out of 50 Cent. Seriously, it’s like how I’m not allowed to like comic books and jogging, because STOP PRETENDING. Everyone is only allowed to like ONE THING, and ONLY if it fits DIRECTLY into stereotypes.

  8. When I went to see Wu-Tang in concert a year ago, guess what: Half the crowd was white. Plus, I didn’t see anybody doing race checks at the door. So anyone who says that “You’re not black, so you can’t like rap” can take their comments and shove them up their uppity asses.

  9. Holy god, these comments. it’s like someone invented a pill you could buy to give yourself a headache.

    (And not to start more trouble, but Chris Sims is apparently a huge fan of the current Winter Olympics HAVING NEVER CURLED A DAY IN HIS LIFE. What a poser.)

  10. Look out Chris Sims! Sheiky will break your back and make you humble! Kurt Angle! He Olympic gold medalist! Sheiky AAU champion two ties! Hulk HOGAN! Jabloni *ptoo* Ric FLAY-YUH! Jubloney! Sheiky number one all-time WW…E Champion!

  11. I’m a caucasian Latino from one of the most important hotbeds of Hip-Hop history.
    As a child, I was a member of the award winning breakdancing crew Finesse Express. Even years later I can still out pop, out worm, and most importantly out B-boy stance anyone who would dare attempt to serve me.
    (Seriously, the waitresses at my local Thai spot send busboys with my food just in case)

    I can attest that even in the oldest of old school days, there were many races and nationalities involved in the creation of what Hip-Hop is today. (There was even an overweight Indian kid on the crew who was a head-spin specialist)

    I, as a representative of both New York and Hip-Hop culture hereby give “Sheiky Baby” (if that is your real name) a Hip-Hop Culture Eviction Notice. Brace yourself FOOOOL!!

    Also, as Christopher Sims of West Swamp, South Carolina has shown and proven not just a true love of the form and culture of Hip-Hop, but also a higher understanding of race relations in America than any Caucasian from Dixieland has any reason to have-

    I hereby give Christopher Sims The Hip-Hop Medal Of Honorable Merit, also known as a “Pass”.
    You can use this pass to openly discuss, rap along with, dance to, and write about any MC, DJ, Beat-boxer or Graffiti Artist you wish. You don’t even need to wear a backpack or sneakers.
    Use it wisely, Chris, though I know you will.

    P.S. To Sheiky Baby- if you still want to hate, with Chris and Euge’s blessing, we could bring this to War Rocket Ajax and you can debate me and lose.

  12. I’m so glad that I’ve started a race-war with my images. Now I’m off to throw away all albums I own except Tomahawk’s Anonymous, and Blackfoot’s Strikes. Also, no more HK films for me, nothing but Grant Greene and Irene Bedard films from here out.

  13. I have to ask, Rusty – is that actually your real name? Rusty Shackles? ‘Cause it sounds like the name of the most badass undercover detective ever. Imagine, if you will, that Tom Jones has gone undercover in the federal penitentiary to infiltrate and take down an evil prison gang. I mean, he’d have to go by Rusty Shackles, wouldn’t he? It seems to me that that would be mandated by law – when you’re a detective going undercover in prison to take down a gang on the inside, your cover name must be Rusty Shackles. Although, if it were mandated by law, then the prisoners would know you’re an undercover detective by your badass name…

  14. stogoe, I’m deeply honored to be mentioned in the same comment as Tom Jones, but of course R.S. isn’t my real name. I revealed my real name on one of the WRA eps but even after that people still refer to me by the pen name, even Chris and Euge. Which is good because all my bowling shirts have “Rusty” embroidered on them, but is a hindrance whenever someone cuts me a check and I have to remind them DO NOT ISSUE TO MY DUMB FAKE WEB NAME.

  15. So Rusty Shackles is too awesome a name to be issued to someone at birth. I’ll admit I’m a little sad now.

  16. Reading this waaay after the fact, but I would like to point out for the record that white people LOVE Wu Tang.