Great Comics That Never Happened #10: El Hijo de Mephisto!



Today at ComicsAlliance, Great Comics That Never Happened is back with my favorite one we’ve done yet! What dastardly force could unite Ben Grimm and the Lord of the Vampires? The answer is a mere click away, True Believer.

And seriously. Marvel. Doggs. For real. I would write this comic for one dollar.

6 thoughts on “Great Comics That Never Happened #10: El Hijo de Mephisto!

  1. This needs to happen just so we can finally see Dracula clean house after a hot tag. That was one thing Tomb of Dracula was really lacking.

  2. The Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Idol o’ Millions, tapping out? Unthinkable! A Darkheart that doesn’t seem like some kind of weird ’90’s skin rash on your comic? Unbelievable! The Prince of Darkness busting out his legendary finishing move – the dreaded Montesi Moonsault? Un-not-buyable!

  3. The idea of Marvel Dracula preening his fabulous mustache as he performs a flawless moonsault, his cape billowing about… ah, what glories!

    We’d also have to have a scene where someone points out that Dracula can’t be trusted — only to have it pointed out that there’s no way Dracula could get his fangs past the Thing’s hide, so Ben Grimm has nothing to fear… OR DOES HE???