Great Moments in Comic Book History, Volume Five

Thanks to the hours I’ve spent reading through Michael Fleisher’s exhaustively researched Batman Encyclopedia (the indispensable resource containing the information that, yes, Batman and Ben Franklin have met each other on more than one occasion), my interest in Batman’s Golden Age adventures has been rekindled lately.

Not that it was ever gone, what with the fact that it’s an era primarily characterized by Batman beating criminals with other criminals, but while flipping through an issue where a crackpot scientist uses a series of tubes to transport Batman and Robin into a book of fairy tales, I saw something that might be even better.

Ladies and gentlemen…






Oh Golden Age Batman! Is there anything you won’t fight?



BONUS FEATURE: Someone’s At The Door


13 thoughts on “Great Moments in Comic Book History, Volume Five

  1. Uh… he’s doing something to that crocodile, but I have a feeling it’s not fighting.

  2. I love how not even opening a damn door is safe for the criminals of Gotham. Batman’s probably behind it.

    And he’s probably going to punch you.

  3. “That’s not going to do you any good, Nancy. He’s never going to change. Let it all out, honey.”

  4. That last panel proves my theory: Sometimes, Batman will just jump out of nowhere an punch you in the face for no apparent reason.

    Because God works in mysterious ways.

  5. Curses! This is why you need a “Knock Knock!” tab, so that one can more easily browse between the panel in this post and the similarly awesome panel in your Batman/Anita Blake post.

  6. Geez, my post on Friday was of Batman killing a leopard and punching a bull. We oughta start a blog: “Batman is a Dick…to Animals”.

  7. Man wrestles leopard to submission in his underpants.

    The man had a leopard in his underpants?!?

    Or was the leopard wearing underpants?

  8. Let’s just face it, Batman HATES animals. I can only assume that his mother wouldn’t let him have a puppy…and as we all know, his parents are DEAD!