Great Moments in T-Shirt History, Volume One

Ladies and Gentlemen… Mister Johnny Storm:



Wait for it…



And that is why if I ever hit the lottery, I will to hire John Romita Jr. to design my entire wardrobe.


The majesty of Johnny Storm’s tough-guy outfit can be seen in Ann Nocenti and JR Jr’s classic Daredevil #261, reprinted in Marvel’s good–REAL GOOD–Typhoid Mary trade paperback.

UPDATE: You like it? Buy It!

34 thoughts on “Great Moments in T-Shirt History, Volume One

  1. That entire outfit is made of unstable
    FAB-ecules! And the deck of Luckies rolled up in the sleeve is the cherry on the sundae!

  2. I was wondering why his jeans were tucked into his boots, and then I realized that when he flames on and lights that whole pack of cigarettes at once, the velocity at which..err…no, that still doesn’t explain it.

  3. “I knew Franklin was a clumsy kid, but Sue, that might be overdoing the protection.”

    You are made of win.

  4. Is it possible that there was a bigger tool than Scott Summers out there and we didn’t spot him? Ben Grimm should’ve walked in with his “I’m with Stupid –>” shirt on.

  5. “”I knew Franklin was a clumsy kid, but Sue, that might be overdoing the protection.”

    You are made of win.”

    Hey all the kids are wearing X-Wing fighter pilot helmets to skateboard in these days. I’m sure Tony Hawk has something to do with it.

  6. ALmost EVERY “civilian” wardrobe design by JRjr during the 1980’s (and part of the 1990’s) looked like some BAD biker/SMBT(?)/NewWave/Punk hybrid that could NEVER exist in the real world.

    Well…not outside of a Biy George video anyway.

    But then I remember that old photo of JRjr as the “Hunk of the Month” from Marvel Age, and HIS t-shirt looked like that.

    Maybe he was drawing from his own wardrobe, which makes it all even MORE amazingly mind-blowing.



  7. Maybe I’m just being dumb in here, but those panels look like they’ve been drawn by Marc Silvestri, instead of JR JR.

  8. The entire scene is JUST THIS AWESOME.

    “The MAN is here to sing to you!”

    “Now, who knows something? Or do I have to get… TOUGH?”

    “You all through, Mr. Whitebread? You done? ’cause if you are, we gonna slice your whitebread butt up and kick you out of here so we can get back to serious things like drinking and shooting pool. You dig, Mr. Bad? You ready to hurt?”

    (All this is from memory. I loved Ann Nocenti’s work on DAREDEVIL, especially the Typhoid Mary storyline, and my love glows undimmed all these years later.)

  9. I’ve always been amused by the fact that one of the best Human Torch stories ever written appeared in an issue of Daredevil.

    Everything Ann Nocenti writes is awesome.

  10. Well, it’s clearly “Mr. T” night in this dive and Johnny walks in wearing a t-shirt celebrating Michael Jackson. I can’t imagine this is going any place good.

  11. Chance, this is the one where some huge biker guy beats the crap out of Johnny, until Johnny burns his face off, and burns down the entire bar.

    Fortunately, I think the shirt was also destroyed in the process.

  12. I remember reading that issue and thinking Ann Nocenti and John Romita, Jr. were geniuses. Perfect example of a guy out of his depth.

    If they had dressed Peter Parker like this in Spider-Man 3, that movie would’ve been at least 50% better.

  13. Attention Marvel Bullpen:

    Petey doesn’t wear a mask anymore. Give him some hair gel, a headband, and something denim, and pair him up with this Johnny Storm.

    And call it ‘Bad Dudes’.

    Expectant Customer

  14. I would totally buy that shirt! It’s an epic amount of extremely righteous awesome. You see, I’m just stringing together words now, THAT’S how cool the shirt is, I can’t even articulate it.

    I would buy it, and I would wear it, but I don’t know if I’d wear it to school. No one in my school would get the reference, so I would have to pull the look off earnest, on my own merits. I just don’t think I have what it takes to be that much of a hardass. Especially since, in classic Mr. T fashion, I have “Fair Play” tattooed on my arm. I don’t think bad–Real Bad!–dudes play fair.