17 thoughts on “Havin’ a Fudgicle With Darius Drumm

  1. Someone once said Jack didn’t write dialog so much as he composed “word jazz”. I think the pacific work was somewhere in the Sun Ra phase of that scripting style.

  2. Fuck “Being John Malkovich”.

    Imagine “Being Jack Kirby”!

    Oh, to be inside a brain that comes up with that kind of dialogue, in addition to Big Barda, the Glory Boat, The San Diego Five String Mob, and Paranex The Fighting Fetus.

    I’d pay money for that ride.

  3. First of all, it’s not “fudgicle”, it’s fudge-CICLE”… etc.

    Maybe in whatever Godless heathen land you live in.

  4. A fudgicle AND a malt? At the same time? Are there NO rules in the Kirbyverse?!

  5. I’m surprised that Darius doesn’t have his name emblazoned on his sippy cup the way Thanos puts his on his helicopter.

  6. I’m just impressed he’s able to speak so clearly with his lips wrapped around a frozen treat. That’s a pretty cool party trick, much better than the “speaking while drinking water” thing.

  7. On 2nd look, is this is totally Beat! Ginsburg or Kerouac couldn’t have done better!