9 thoughts on “Hey Doc Ock!

  1. A tentacle-to-face shot Chris?
    How very Freudian of you…
    People go to court for looking at stuff like that you know.
    ; )
    Go take a cold shower and read some Archie.
    Your pal,

  2. I wonder if Spidey also stood over Doc’s immobilized body while dangling a spit globule dangerously close to his face before slurping it back up again?

    Ewwww….I’d hate to be Otto if that were true.

  3. Skizelo may be correct. After all, they aren’t mammals, so there’s no need for milk. Maybe Spiderman just dunked his head in the toilet and flushed it- whatever THAT’S called.

    I am SO glad I didn’t go to a school where this sort of bullying was common. Actual violence is so much more dignified than these gross tactics. ;)

    -Citizen Scribbler

  4. The Lizard might have nipples, vestigial ones from being created out of Curt Connors as opposed to evolving into a man-lizard over millions of years.