28 thoughts on “Hey Golden Age Batman!

  1. I like the Joker’s leg. I think the martial art of childish flailing doesn’t get enough time in comics.

  2. It has been too long since we’ve gotten a Degrassi reference…I mean unless the Degrassi references have been going over my head.

    On a similar subject, when are we going to get an HSM3 review?

  3. “Don’t worry… I can keep a secret.”

    Oh Manny…. why can’t you say those words to me. When you’re legal and all….

  4. Sure, Batman *says* that’s his favorite EC tune… but only because he doesn’t want you to know “Good Year for the Roses” makes him cry every time.

  5. Less Then Zero sounds like another Crisis ripoff
    Shallow Grave could be a 6 part Batman storyline
    High Fidelity would be a 90’s Bat-villian who uses sonics and too much padding

  6. “Blood and Chocolate” sounds like a Joker arc.

    Also, look at the center-page spread in Booster Gold#13 to find out what Starro the Conqueror’s favorite Green Day song is.

  7. Two Little Hitlers sounds like a WWII era fave.

    13 Steps Lead Down is something he might hum to himself when going into the Batcave

  8. “And I’m up while the dawn is breaking, even though my hear is aching and I should be drinking a toast to absent friends instead of these comedians.”

  9. You know, I can really believe Batman is a big fan of Elivs Costello. I would think “Watching the Detectives” would bring up A LOT of bad memories of ex-girlfriends.

  10. Batman may have had a limited Costello repetoire to choose from then, but Accidents Will Happen certainly fits the angsty current running through him.

    Clowntime is Over.

  11. “Pump it Up” would be perfect for a Batman origin training montage.

    “Man Out of Time” would be great for the Golden Age time travel stories.

    And “Goon Squad” should play whenever the Penguin & his henchmen make an appearance.