Hey Hex!

What’s your favorite long-running comedy magazine?



Yeah, I like the fold-in a lot myself. And hey, while I’ve got you here, who’s your favorite Powerpuff Girl?



Huh. That’s funny, I always had you pegged as a Buttercup.

17 thoughts on “Hey Hex!

  1. I like to think that he’s using it as an adjective. Or saying it randomly. I mean, how do we know that’s not how they roll in the world that’s coming?

  2. If the revived Jonah Hex series is facing cancellation, will they try the “Hex in the future” stunt again? How about if we ask nicely?

    Or they could send him elsewhere. In the mid-eighties, post-apocalyptic stories were popular. What’s popular now? Hm…

    Danger lurks behind every corner…
    Treachery and death hold sway…
    And down the halls of hell came a man…
    A man with only three companions:
    The acrid smell of gunsmoke.
    And jazz hands.


    I would pay good money to see Hex shoot up a high school musical. A lot of good money.

    Somebody get me DiDio on the phone.

  3. Bah. The One True Powerpuff is Bubbles. Bubbles!!!

    Then again, I like Adam warren’s Empowered a lot too, so maybe I just have a thing for blondes. :)

  4. If there was ever a time to make a Mayim Bialik reference, it was that second panel.

    One day you people will learn about alt text, and THEN you’ll all be sorry.

  5. I thought we were heading for the Mayim Bialik reference too

    One day you people will learn about alt text, and THEN you’ll all be sor–huh. That’s weird, I just had the strangest sense of deja vu.

  6. What Chris is saying, for those of you who are a bit slow (and being slower than Chris requires some effort, believe you me,) is that you should move your mouse’s pointer over the images and receive extra bonus jokes. These are provided at no added expense to you, the ISB readers and are a long-standing tradition for Herr Sims.