12 thoughts on “Hey Manhunter!

  1. I’m reaching pretty badly here, but…

    “Hey, Manhunter! Settle a bet for us: In that Marvel Super-Heroes role-playing game from the ’80s, what level comes between ‘good’ and ‘remarkable’?”

  2. Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party Time …

    *Hey, Manhunter, you missed your cue…*

  3. Hey Manhunter! Nine letter word meaning “superior or eminently good”?

  4. Hey Manhunter! Cryptic crossword, nine letters, “Treebeard out of prison”?

  5. Hey Manhunter! How would you describe a Buffy one-shot about Racist Dracula?

  6. You know, those Bill and Ted comics Evan Dorkin did in the 90s actually are pretty excellent.

  7. Bravo, Mr. Sims.

    Now your new challenge, should you choose to accept it, is this – find a panel of a character saying “Bogus.”
    (HINT: stories about Terrible Turpin or Bullock might be good places to start looking)

  8. “Hey, Manhunter! What does Shao Khan say when you put a quarter in an MK2 machine?”

    Love the Marvel Super Heroes RPG shout-out, BTW; that was the first thing I thought of too.