Hey ROM!

Are you going to show up in World War Hulk?



Really? But you two used to be pals back in the day! Don’t you guys hang out anymore?



Yeah, I guess not. I mean, he’s been pretty busy going out into space, becoming a gladiator-king, and then smacking Iron Man around, and you’ve been… well you showed up in Earth X that one time, right?



Oh right, it was Universe X. I can never keep those straight. And then there was… well, it’s cool to take some time off, too. Speaking of, do you think Captain America’s really dead?



I know, right? I mean, they brought back Bucky and Mar-Vell, so I figure it’s just a matter of time. Hey, what about Countdown. Is that any good?



Really? You’re not just saying that because Marvel signs your paycheck?



Figures. It didn’t do a whole lot for me either. So hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you. Is it easy to get by without fingers?



I didn’t think it would be. And while we’re on the subject, how come you had to pull your translator out of Sub-Space every time you wanted to use it? That thing was the size of an engine block, man, and all the other Spaceknights had ’em built in! I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but don’t you ever get, y’know, jealous?



Okay, okay, jeez. Calm down. Look, I shouldn’t have said anything, it’s just that Unseen was bragging, and… ah, forget it. Hey, you want some fruit snacks?



Come on, I’ve got red ones!



Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy, big guy.


ROM the Disagreeable Spaceknight originally appeared in ROM #39, but was scanned from David Yurkovich’s recent and absolutely essential tribute book, Mantlo: A Life In Comics. Also, special thanks to Dr. K for the assist.

36 thoughts on “Hey ROM!

  1. Hey, ROM–I’m playing a trivia game, and I’m stumped on a question. Do you know the title of the first James Bond movie?


  2. Hey, Rom! Remember that time you tried to make out with Brandy? But it was totally a Dire Wraith? But you didn’t realize it until you hit third base? ‘Cause the wraiths didn’t know what that should look like? Remember?

  3. I can’t believe your wrote a different piece of rollover text for every image.

    That’s dedication, people.

  4. Hey ROM,

    I agree that Countdown has a complete letdown, but I liked this week’s issue (#40), it reminded me a lot of 52. Is that wrong of me?

  5. Hey ROM,

    Do you know what the abbreviation for Nobelium is?

    And does it do anything to Superman?

    ….Ah, dammit.

  6. Hey ROM, can you believe Sims found a lazier way to phone it in than repeating the Road Rage Venom joke?

  7. Dear ROM, is there any reason I *shouldn’t* walk over to the next room here at work and smack PMMJ with a large fish?

  8. Hey ROM, are you still beating your space-wife?*

    Hah, got ya!

    * “Beating the space-wife” isn’t some kind of euphemism, is it?

  9. Hey ROM, would you like to read my ROM/Silver Surfer fan/slashfic “Chrome Plated Balls”?

  10. Hey, ROM, is it true that the ISB will be an excellent source of news from the San Diego ComicCon, as stated by Olivia Munn on yesterday’s “Attack of the Show”?

  11. So ROM is Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens?

    I am pleased and proud to say that ROM (to my knowledge”) never tried to explain the Internet as “not a big truck,” but a “series of tubes”.

    Hawkman, on the other hand…

  12. Does anybody still use those cool old zip-a-tone backgrounds anymore? I remember Dave Mazzuchelli used them brilliantly back in the day, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one.

  13. Hey ROM

    Me and Karsten aren’t the only ones who got the WWE joke right, you’re a fan?

  14. You know, it’s rare that I need a WWE joke explained to me (which in itself is a sad state of affairs), but this one went well over my head.

  15. (Christian attempting to smack talk Cena, and Tyson Tomko not backing him up, Tomko’s only shining moment…ever)

  16. “Beating the space-wife” isn’t some kind of euphemism, is it?

    Actually, I coined “beating the wife” as a term for male masturbation a couple years back.  Good times were had by all.

  17. I have the complete run of Rom… and I think I am so cool becasue of it! But the other day I saw a pile of Rom comics, issues #1 thru 35 for $10 on a shelve of a comic shop. I asked the comic shop owner if it was a mistake and there were some 0’s missing from the price, but alas, he laughed and said that the pile had been sitting there for almost 2 years now and no one has bough them, even at the low low price of $10. Boy… now I feel just a little less cool – just a little less though!!